Outing my inner bird nerd.

So, anyone who knows me well, knows I am really into birds ~ and I mean really into birds.  A recent home renovation was inspired by my need for larger windows so I could watch the birds eating at the bird feeders and nesting in our many bird houses. I am proud to say I inherited my bird nerdiness from my late parents.  As a family we would all sit in front of our big windows during a winter storm, drinking coffee, just to see what kind of birds would blow in.  Braving the elements, we would fill the feeders over and over again, often in our pyjamas, so our feathered friends could stay nourished and find a safe haven from mother nature’s wrath.  Our go to book, “Field Guide to the Birds of North America,” was never out of arm’s reach in the event a speedy identification was needed.  “Ah yes, sparrow.” It was a family pastime which resulted in some quality time spent and now looking back, cherished. I try and instill the beauty of birds on my dear teenagers but no matter how often I endlessly rattle on, they still don’t remove their headphones.

With Spring slowly emerging and I should emphasize the slow bit there, I have been enjoying the flurry of activity in the back yard.  Grackles, red winged black birds, those elusive sparrows, robins all gathering dried grasses, small twigs and horse hair (which my shedding horses are more than happy to supply) to line their nests and fill their wee houses.  The bird bickering, pecking, stealing, shoving and general pandemonium at times can be a little less peaceful but nothing a bb gun doesn’t solve.  Just kidding. I only use that with the kids and the occasional spraying tom cat. Okay, I’ll stop. I have no firearms and probably for good reason. I digress.

Now back to nature … my mother-in-law gifted me with the most wonderful bird house this past Christmas and finally this weekend we found the perfect spot. It is now on the open winged market!  Positioned perfectly for viewing from the living room, I happily procrastinate from writing and wait for the first tenants to arrive.  The location is ideal, fairly private but close to town, you know, prime real estate. It will become more private and picturesque when the tri-coloured beech tree in front comes into leaf.  The horse shoe, positioned with the open side up to catch good luck and more than a few bird droppings, is an added bonus for any feathered friend who chooses to live there.  I may host an open house this weekend!

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