Taking the marketing bull by the horns.

So there seems to be a trend of readers taking pictures of books in ideal settings and posting them on social media. The pictures are lovely, well thought out, and such a nice way to show the author that their book is ‘out there’ being enjoyed and appreciated.  Oh, here’s my book sitting amongst the shells on a serene beach.  Here is another copy of said book surrounded by flowers in a garden, and another being used as a door stop or fire starter.  (btw. highly recommend we were liars … good read … it probably deserves special pictures.)

Whatever. Back to me.

No one has sent me pictures of Liornabella surrounded by beauty.  Why not?  Well, I guess I need more readers or a fan club or just a club of any sort perhaps. I have never been much of a joiner, that could be part of it. I’ve always been more of an introverted free bird, preferring my solitude. A loner you say? Man, maybe I should lie down for this …

Setting my need for therapy aside, I have been thinking I should market more.  Let me rephrase – I should market. There, I said it. I Instagram and Facebook at times. I even tweet a little on twitter. If no one reads the tweet, did the tweet happen at all? That’s the big question. You should follow me on twitter, it would probably cut down on my need for therapy and I’d look more popular if I had more followers. This yellow bird is tweety bird, different from the twitter bird who is blue and much less personable, like the app.

Tweeting aside, it is time for me to take the marketing bull by the horns. I am going to make a sign at the very least. I might even pound the pavement, peddle my basket of books door to door … that’s not a picture of me, that’s Postman Pat and his little black cat. I’m a bit taller. With book two of The Viridian Chronicles, Morosa, hitting the shelves later this month, the need for outreach is huge. Although, if I peddle about with both books, I may need a bigger bike. Guess I could ditch the cat?

OR I could just take my own pictures of Liornabella and post them for all to see and make myself appear more popular. Candids, unplanned, all willy nilly ~ the book as I see it. The photos could document my current state of mind, my travels and everyday life. Maybe it will morph into a coffee table book some day? Probably not, I’d have to market that and they’d be a bit heavy for my bike.  Just carrying Liornabella around with me today has allowed me to produce these beauties:








This was all while just carrying on with my normal activities around the house! I think this is really going to catch on!  I feel my fan base expanding even now. I’m doing it … full send.  (Did you catch that? I am just super hip with the lingo (thanks Rachel), you should follow me.)

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