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Every blue moon I read something that makes me totally forget about the outside world for a little while and it sweeps me off me feet. It’s not all that often, but when it happens, it is amazing. That is how I felt while reading “Liornabella – The Viridian Chronicles Book 1” by A.E. Outerbridge. I was intrigued from the very beginning in this interesting and creative world the author created.  Indie Book Reviewer 2018



No one can know what she seeks…
and yet she must search with all that is within her.
If she cannot find it, no one will.

Turn the page, and allow this tale of mystery, deception, and coming of age to draw you in. Elle, a magnetic seventeen year old, has been accepted to one of the most prestigious schools in the Viridian Isles. A superior athlete who excels academically, Elle has an independence of spirit that continuously puts her in grave danger.

Hidden in the chambers of the school are the remains of ancient Liornabella Castle, and the dark history that permeates its walls, also haunts its hallways. It lurks in the shadows, waiting for the day when Elle crosses the threshold. As she does so, a fateful and deadly challenge begins, and both Elle and the reader are swept along together.

As Elle’s eighteenth birthday approaches, her skills and gifts will come to be tested in ways she could never imagine, by creatures darker than her nightmares. To survive, she strives to learn the true meaning of the centuries-old texts that are drawn into Elle’s presence by forces more powerful than she knows. Together with her enigmatic friends, she uncovers a terrible, haunting, timeless truth.

Maybe the life as we know it has left, but life in another form, life without warmth and light, has continued. I must know. The time for truth is now.