About Me

A short biography of a.e. outerbridge.

I am Allison Outerbridge.  My books are about awesome teenagers, adventures, coffee and the occasional scary beast. LIORNABELLA is the first book of The Viridian Chronicles.  I think you should probably read it.

I have a bachelor of arts from Queen’s University majoring in philosophy and a postgraduate in human resources; however, I do not philosophize nearly as much as I thought I would.  Perhaps we should take a moment, right now, and meditate on that …

I have been everything from an hr director to an ice cream scooper.  I like wine and jalapenos but not together.

Before having children, I took some time to pursue my artistic side only to discover I did not have one ~ this was good to know. I am creative but not artistic.  For this reason, I have asked some of my young adult friends to contribute to the art and photography on my website.  Jacklyn Brown (Ackolin Photography www.instagram.com/ackolin) contributed all of the black and white photos while pencil sketches were provided by Georgia C. Bermingham and Abby Banko. Take a spin around the site and enjoy their work.  I have included a few of my own pieces below; you will enjoy them a bit less.  😉

I live in Southern Ontario on a horse farm with my husband, my two children, two cats, three dogs and two pounds of firm ripe tomatoes. (to quote the infamous Jacob Two-Two.)