Woke up this sunny morning to find that three of our horses decided to integrate themselves into another herd, leaving the other two presidential horses alone.  Something must have happened in the night to inspire such an exodus: a tiff, disagreement or maybe a shift in horse politics.

Perhaps one of the horses felt unwelcome, unaccepted if you will, so they shifted to another more open, friendly paddock.  I get it.  Why stay in a paddock that is unyielding, prejudiced or discriminatory?  If you are a gelding but really identify as a mare, go to a field where you will not be judged ~ you can just be you.   The new herd is quite content, happily grazing in the lush green field.  They are peeing in whatever area they choose, with the geldings, with the mares  ~ whatever.  No one is batting an eye.

The occasional whinny carries on the wind from the now lonely two, but the others are not interested.  Accept each other’s differences or be left behind. That is the moral to this story if there was to be a moral to this story.  It could also be that the horses just leaned too far over the fence to get some grass and knocked it down.  The grass is always greener on the other side, or so they say.  Looks about the same to me ~ let’s go with the first story.