What does procrastination look like? 

Why I’d say it looks like an eight foot, ill stitched, multi-coloured scarf!  When it comes to procrastinating, not many can compete with the likes of me.  Lately, I have been suffering from writer’s block, but not from a creativity block it would seem.  My main character has been stuck in a hallway for a ridiculously long time. Every morning this week, I have sat down and tried to chisel her out but alas, the hallway is where she remains.  Elle is getting somewhat tired of being in the dim passageway, in her pyjamas no less, but there is nothing I can do for her right now.  I can however, focus my creative energies on other projects, which are not entirely non-book related.  I knit a scarf!  Just like the one Elle made for Martine in book one AND, I built a 3-D model of the Viridian Isle.  Why would I do that you ask?  I am not trying to compete with Mr. Bean’s Christmas Nativity scene.  I do not intend to play with the characters and re-enact the book, but I did think it would be interesting for my readers to see what the Viridian Isles looks like, in my mind.  It is not often that I invite people into the depths of my mind, that dark, twisted place where ideas spring forth, but for procrastination blog day, I am going to do just that! No architect am I so the model is not to scale … it is simply a general layout.  The trees are absolutely massive, I know this.  If one fell, it would take out an entire castle and in some cases a small village.  That is not how I see things, at least not in this series.  I share with you now, a photo of said model.  If my procrastination continues into next week, you may get a video tour.  I wonder if I can fly the drone inside? 🙂

I see I have also included my wine rack in this photo, which is just an added bonus for you all.  It is precious to me. Cheers!

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